Title: The Stampede
Name of artist: Olowookere David A.
Medium: Oil on canvas
Year of production: 2016.
Size: 80cm by 100cm
Region of the world: Nigeria (West Africa)
Category: Expressionism
Size: $25,000
Inspiration: (Wild life), attention was drawn from the gallops and the rhythmic earth vibrations produced by the hoofs of the horses.


THE STAMPEDE (short write-up)
The evolution of horses has been well studied and documented in various forms. Horses have been domesticated from wild horses by the humans for at least 5,000 years ago. They have been used by humans in many different ways like travel, work, food, pleasure and game (horse racing and horse chase). Today horses are mostly used for entertainment and sports. Apart from the Polo game and horse race, horse chase is a form of sport (wild sport) which the Cowboys derives pleasure in during the wild chase.
In the Amazon, horse chase is an exciting game (hell game) which involves horses’ strengths and human strengths coming together while creating a scenario of swift hard chase. While this harass (team) of horses are been chased, rhythmic vibration and sounds (beats) were created by their hoofs on the earth. This rhythmic stampedes always trigger rage of movements (force) and awareness.


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