Title: Our beauty our pride
Name of artist: Olowookere David A.
Medium: Oil on canvas
Year of production: 2014.
Size: 60cm by 80cm
Region of the world: Nigeria (West Africa)
Category: Realism
Size: $10,000

Inspiration: Inspired through cultural heritage and value.



Historically, Africans (West), as in every culture, developed hairstyles and beads embellishment that defined status, or identity, in regards to ethnicity, age, social, wealth, rank, marital status, religion, fertility and adulthood. Hair was carefully groomed by those who understood the aesthetic standard, as the social implications of hair grooming were a significant part of community life. Hair groomers possesses distinct styling prowess allowing them to create diverse of designs that met the local cultural standards. Hence, in many traditional cultures, communal grooming is a social event when a woman could socialize and strengthen bonds between herself.

Our Beauty Our Pride

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