Title: Gèlè ò dùn
Name of artist: Olowookere David A.
Medium: Oil on canvas
Year of production: 2016.
Size: 80cm by 60cm
Region of the world: Nigeria (West Africa)
Category: Expressionism
Size: $8,000

Inspiration: Inspired through cultural heritage and value.


GÈLÈ Ò DÙN (short write-up)
In the south western region of Nigeria, women can often be seen in their traditional attire(bùbá), an airy type blous with long sleeve and the wrapper(ìró) that is tied on top of the belly downward to complete the whole attire, a woman will wear an elegant headgear(usually matching the fabric). Nigerian Yorùbá women are consciously serious and careful when it comes to headgear exhibition, consciously complemented with traditional beads. I tell you! This is the embellishment of the highest order when it comes to body adornment during special occasions.
The title, "Gèlè ò dùn" is idiomatic. The direct English interpretation simply means "an headgear is not sweet(not been appreciated) unlike the tying skills(skills in achieving a glamorous finish of tying an head gear).


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