Artist name: Zed agubata
Title : "And he was my only hope"
Medium: Oil on brushed canvass.
Size: 3x4 ft
Price: $1,300.00

In the African society often marriage is put right at the center of a lady's achievements. This leads to desperation and all sorts of other things including the men taking advantage of it to play with the emotions of different ladies...
A lady carries this burden of marriage right from her teen years to adulthood, and even when she eventually gets married she ends up being the only one investing emotionally and otherwise in the marriage....the man is still free to roam....
So the pot on her shoulder describes this burden she has to live with and for, and insert is the image of a man just relaxed.
The multicoloured backgrounds represent the different ways her emotions and society toy with her thoughts.

And and He was my only hope.

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